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This is another Intrepid Ibex wallpaper. The reason I made another is that my other one was getting the majority of the views for this site and it is probably my least favorite of all of them. I felt I owed it to my viewers to make one that they may actually use. Anyways, I much prefer this one to the other but feel free to use your own judgement. 😀

I recently tried out the latest alpha of Intrepid Ibex and decided it needed a wallpaper.This is hopefully more of a rough draft than my final version but I am quite pleased as to where it is going. I think it may be too busy though, so I hope to fine-tune that in the future. Here’s another Intrepid Ibex wallpaper by me, which I much prefer: Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex Wallpaper 🙂

Another (yes, another) Ubuntu wallpaper. Unfortunately I can’t take all of the credit for this one – the idea came from a tutorial on PSDtuts. I was really taken by the design and decided to emulate it. Sadly, it isn’t as good as the creator’s original but I still feel it turned out nicely. I personally prefer making simpler, more modern and organic wallpapers compared to something like this but I figured I would give it a try anyways.

This is a modified version of my Olympic wallpaper that I created. The underscore after “LINUX” is supposed to signify the terminal and its role in the Linux OS. Enjoy!

Simple, organic wallpaper for Ubuntu Linux. If you would like one tailored to your needs, just leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.